Anonymous asked:
Happy birthday!!!

thank you! :)

5secondsofgingerdirection asked:
Halt birthday, carol!

omg thank you :))))

some-person-in-some-place asked:
Happy birthday!!!💝🎁🎉🎊🎂👏

ahhh thank you!!!

hello lovely people today is my birthday pls shower me with affection thx


Anonymous asked:
I love this blog so much! You guys are so awesome! Keep it up! :D

thanks love! you’re great


Requested by hii can i please have a text with harry about him missing me while on tour x thank you

Requested by anon: Can I have one?? A sweet one from Niall? Can it be kinda long if you don’t mind? My names Lexi:))))

Requested by Hi! My is Selena. Can I have a Louis one that’s kind if long? Something cute :) I love your blog!

anon requested: Hey my name is Molly and could u do one with me and Harry Pls Thxs…. xoxoxoxo

cookiemnster74 requested: Would you mind doing one for me where I’m texting Harry and it’s romantic and sweet? Thank you so much!

Requested by anon: Hiii :) Can I request a text? My name is Brie. Can I have one with Louis where he jokingly calls me shorty (bc I’m actually short haha) and I kinda tease him because he’s on the shorter side too ? :) Thank you ! <3

Requested by hiii, i was wondering if you could do one for me where i had a panic attack and harry’s my boyfriend? thank you love! xx

Requested by Can you make one with Louis, a long convo that is sassy yet cute(:

Requested by anon: Can you do one long one with zayn in which he is very protective because of some reason

Requested by anon: Hi! I LOVE YOUR ACCOUNT TO THE MOON AND BACK! ♡ My name’s Girly,can I request for a text where Harry and I are in a secret relationship but he becomes so jealous of one of the other boys so he wanted to stop hiding our relationship already. Thank you